Contracts Advice

Contracting has become more complex and adversarial with increasing risks being imposed on suppliers whilst prices are reducing.

Problems are compounded by misunderstandings as to the level of risk involved; minor problems can involve significant liabilities.

We can provide advice on individual contracts, from setting out risks, to identifying the areas of concern, suggesting amendments and, if required, supporting clients in meetings to negotiate or finalise contracts.

Our advice is practical and commercially orientated. Advice is available on any upcoming issues.

Tony Ventrella has substantial experience of contracts in the civil sector, electrical and water sectors and has been a member of the I.Mech.E/IET Model Conditions Drafting Panel since 1985.

Example: Areas of Advice

  • Contracts and related documents
  • Reviewing guarantees
  • Advising on potential disputes
  • Advice on specific issues or concerns
  • Drafting contracts and terms, or amendments to contracts

Example: Contract Documents

  • Conditions of supply
  • Conditions of purchase
  • Distribution agreements
  • Agency agreements
  • Novation agreements