A Contractors Guide to Contract Law

A Contractors Guide to Contract law | Tony Ventrella | Ventrella Associates Author: Tony Ventrella MA LLB Barrister
Edition: Second Edition
Info: 272 pages, 83,000 words
Format: Hardback
ISBN-10: 0952295954
ISBN-13: 978-0952295952

Description: A practical guide to the major contractual and related issues. Aimed at sales staff, contract engineers, and anyone involved in the pricing, negotiation or management of contracts.

Amazon Reader Review: Useful reference for non-lawyers working with commercial contracts – keep it close to hand. This small book is a very useful reference guide for non-lawyers who find themselves in the position of working with commercial contracts. It explains in clear, concise language the key aspects of commercial contracts and is crammed full of useful information backed up by references to relevant case history. I would strongly recommend this to anyone buying, selling or implementing major capital projects.”

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