Commercial Policies

Companies need clear, well-defined commercial policies to regulate their approach to contracts and the commercial risks they will or will not accept.

Anyone involved in sales, the negotiation or management of contracts needs to clearly understand the company’s position. Deciding commercial policy on a case-by-case basis leads to excessive risk taking.

Ventrella Associates can assist in the preparation of “Policy or Contract Manuals”. These can be policy documents or they can provide detailed principles and specific clauses to assist those involved in selling or negotiating contracts.

Policies need to be kept under regular review to ensure that they remain relevant and are consistent with market practices. “Old” manuals tend to suggest to company personnel that the company is not committed to its policies.
Manuals and handbooks can focus on contractual and commercial but can also deal with competition policies to ensure compliance with EU and UK rules competition rules, breach of which can have significant consequences.

Examples: Commercial Policies and Manuals

  • Contract manuals
  • Competition compliance policies/assessments
  • Authority levels for staff
  • Responsible trading policies