In-House Training

Improving minds improves business performance. Our bespoke training programs ensure your company doesn’t get left behind.

In-house training courses are an ideal opportunity to address specific training needs or areas of concern. The programme can be tailored to your specific requirements and can be as basic or specialised as appropriate for the delegates. Although there is always plenty of opportunity for questions, they can be made more interactive for more experienced delegates with case studies and material to review.

The typical number for an in house course ranges from as few as 3 to 20, with 12-15 being an optimum number. Most training consists of one off courses but sometimes, a series of 2/4 training courses will be designed and aimed at the same audience and delivered within a relatively short time.

Courses can be run at company premises or at nearby locations-its your choice.

Although specific quotes can be supplied, typical, in house training courses will cost around £1,500 plus vat for speaker, travelling and subsistence and seminar materials.